Vehicle Repairs Brighton

Vehicle Repairs Brighton


While today’s vehicles offer high levels of reliability and longevity, they still need occasional repairs from time to time. With a plethora of complicated mechanical and electronic systems, your vehicle needs to be maintained by professional automotive technicians.


Here at Braeside Motors, you can rely on us to provide you with a professional, skilled, and friendly service. Founded back in 1946, we are a long-established business that offers vehicle repairs in Brighton. When we first opened our doors, we promised our customers a commitment to high-quality workmanship and skill. Today, this is a promise that we still maintain.


Comprehensive vehicle repairs for all makes and models


Based in Patcham, around three miles north of the city of Brighton, Braeside Motors is happy to offer a fully-featured vehicle repair service for all marques. So, whether you own an Audi or a Ford, a Vauxhall or a BMW, or anything in between, we have the know-how and tools to carry out repairs to your car or van!


Mechanical repairs


One of the reasons our customers entrust us with their vehicle repairs in Brighton is because we are experts at mechanical repair work. Some of the repairs that we carry out on a regular basis include:


  • Engine rebuilds;

  • Cylinder head gasket replacements;

  • Clutch and transmission repairs;

  • Suspension, steering, and braking system repairs and overhauls;

  • Exhaust system installations and replacements (including diesel particulate filters).


In fact, we offer a whole host of mechanical repairs that are just too numerous to mention on one web page!


Electrical repairs


Electricity plays an important part of all modern vehicles. The battery, for example, doesn’t just enable you to start your car or van, it’s also used to provide power to various ancillary components.


Just like with your home, your vehicle’s electrical wiring and components need to be in good working order so that everything operates safely and as expected. Sometimes, automotive electrical problems can prove to be a real challenge to diagnose for many vehicle owners. That’s especially true given the complex nature of electrical systems such as the ECU, traction control, and ABS.


If your car or van is experiencing any electrical ‘gremlins’ that you just can’t figure out, all is not lost. Braeside Motors offers a plethora of vehicle repairs in Brighton, and one of the services we offer is electrical repairs.


Our experienced and fully qualified technicians use state of the art tools and diagnostic equipment to pinpoint the source of all electrical faults. That means we can have your vehicle fully operational in no time at all!


Minor body repairs and welding services


Here at Braeside Motors, we don’t just provide mechanical and electrical automotive services. We also provide a range of minor body repair services too. So, if your car or van was involved in a collision and has a dented panel, or perhaps it is suffering from rusty sills, we can tackle such repairs and make your vehicle look as good as new!


To find out more about what we can offer you, contact us today on 01273 554803.