Tyres Brighton

Tyres Brighton


As a motorist, you want to ensure that your vehicle helps to keep you safe while you’re driving. The one component of your vehicle that always stays in contact with the road as you drive over it is its tyres.


These black rubber circles that envelope your wheels might all look the same and essentially do the same job. But, there’s a vast difference between each make and model, as they cater to particular audiences and work best only in specific conditions.


If you’re looking for new tyres in Brighton, and want the best recommendations for your needs at competitive prices, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Braeside Motors, we are experts at vehicle maintenance and repairs, and we offer a comprehensive tyres sales and repair service.


Tyres in Brighton from Braeside Motors


It’s no secret that many people tend to purchase tyres for their vehicles from so-called “fast fit” franchises. The trouble with such establishments is they tend to promote brands that attract the highest sales commission.


If you’re shopping for tyres in Brighton, one of the advantages of buying from Braeside Motors is that we don’t have any incentive to sell one particular make and model of tyre over the other.


Instead, what you’ll discover is that we only recommend tyres best suited to your requirements and within your budget. We offer a refreshing tyre shopping experience, partly because our recommendations aren’t biased, but also because we are experts at what we do.


So, when it comes to making an informed choice over which tyres to buy, you can rest assured that Braeside Motors has got you covered!


The importance of having the right tyres


It doesn’t matter whether you drive a car or a light commercial vehicle such as a van. If your pride and joy doesn’t have the right tyres wrapped around its wheels, it can potentially cause numerous problems.


For a start, they might not offer the best grip for your typical driving conditions and style. Secondly, they may be prone to premature damage due to manufacturing defects or the age of the tyres. And, thirdly, they might even cause your speedometer to go out of calibration due to an incorrect size.


When you need to get new tyres in Brighton, you should only pay for ones that are correct for your vehicle and needs. The last thing you want to do is spend money on incorrect tyres, as you will essentially need to purchase new tyres again.


As you can appreciate, there are a plethora of makes and models of tyres on the market these days. They cater for a broad range of audiences and requirements, and some obviously perform better than others on the road.


The right tyres are something that you should invest in and are vehicle components that you should never compromise on because of the price. After all; they are the things that help you stop or grip the road when you drive.


At Braeside Motors, you can depend on us to help you find the best tyres for your needs, and well within your budget too. Call us today on 01273 554803 to find out how we can help you.