Engine & Vehicle Diagnostics


Many of todays cars are now governed mainly by a built-in computer called the Engine Control Module (ECM/ECU).

It is responsible for the correct running of the engine for optimum power and efficiency. This in turn means that it has to have several inputs from different components of the engine. 

This is where all the engine component sensors come into play. They give the ECM/ECU all the data it needs for it to make the engine run efficiently.

These sensors, as with most electrical components, can and do go wrong often, leading to poor engine running and poor fuel economy.

Most of these vehicles can only be diagnosed using the latest diagnostic equipment to use for communicating with the vehicles computer(s).

Nowadays, vehicles can sometimes have more than one computer responsible for the operation of the vehicle. Some of todays cars have more than 60 computers! Each one responsible for a specific system in the car i.e. wipers, lighting, central locking, audio systems, cruise control, Anti lock Braking Systems (ABS), Traction control (TCS), etc.

Each of the computers are constantly 'talking' to each other for seamless system operation. This is exactly what happens when for example, it is raining and you select reverse gear, the transmission computer talks to the wiper system computer that the vehicle is going to reverse, the wiper computer then puts on the rear wipers so the driver can clearly see while he/she reverses the vehicle.

This is all clever stuff and naturally, it needs clever equipment to communicate and correctly diagnose these computers for when problems arise.

We are able to offer such services using the very latest in diagnostic tools & equipments and our fully trained technicians.

Our services include access to on-board computers in your vehicle such as:

  • Full engine on-board diagnostics (OBD, OBD I, OBD II, EOBD)
  • Anti lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Airbag Systems & Supplementary Restraint Systems (SRS)
  • Traction Control System (TCS)
  • Electronic Stability Control (ESP)
  • Transmission System
  • Air Conditioning Control System
  • Central Electronic Unit (CEU)
  • Tyre Pressure monitoring System
  • Clutch Electronics
  • Distance control
  • Suspension Electronics
  • Steering Wheel Electronics
  • Instrument Panel
  • 4WD Electronics
  • Immobiliser System
  • Central Door Locking System
  • Alarm System
  • Audio System
  • Comfort System
  • Parking brake system (for vehicles with electronic parking brakes)
  • Telematics
  • Speech Control system

There are different systems for different manufacturers so some systems may not be listed here but we can still gain access to them.

We are fully trained for using our diagnostic equipment and we constantly go to periodic seminars to keep up with all the latest technologies all the manufacturers use to help us correctly diagnose problems.

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