Air Conditioning


We offer full air conditioning service & repair on site using our state of the art air conditioning servicing machine. All our workshop technicians are F-gas qualified which means we are fully trained and equipped to service and repair your vehicle air conditioning system to a high standard.

Our full air conditioning service includes:

  • Visual check of system for leaks using Ultra Violet (UV) equipment
  • Full recovery of old refrigerant and oil
  • Vacuum down system completely
  • Introduce fresh refrigerant and oil
  • Re-check system for leaks
  • Check correct operation of air conditioning system

We also carry out the following services:

  • Conversion of old A/C systems to use non-freon refrigerants.
  • Examine system throughout / contamination checks.
  • Vacuum & pressure test with oxygen free nitrogen.
  • Check oil levels in the compressor, replacing as required.
  • Remove all moisture content / repair hoses / replace filters.
  • Check, degas & restore refrigerant levels /odour elimination.
  • Expert diagnostics to identify & repair faults,leaks etc
  • Replacement of drier/accumulator as required

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